Leadership Development

Does your leadership team need some fine tuning? Or…maybe a major re-vamp?

Whether you’re the company President or Head of HR, you know the demands leaders are facing today, and the need for growth and skills to meet challenges head on

Jeff has a workshop for that.

In his interactive, engaging workshops, Jeff can tackle any leadership or management challenge and address it within a group setting that is practical, inviting and conversational. From storytelling to asking big questions, Jeff has the ability to get a crowd connected to the important challenges.

Jeff believes leaders today need a full set of skills or tools.  His workshops help more experienced leaders to sharpen critical tools, while others gain new tools in the process.  Either way, Jeff helps leaders to understand when and what tools are best for the job. 

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach with Jeff.

Jeff has developed workshops and programs tackling common leadership challenges within the workplace, including accountability, trust, influence, team leadership culture, and more.

Or, Jeff can create a custom workshop specific to your needs.

From experienced executives to high-potential talent, Jeff will customize leadership development strategies and solutions to fit your needs and budget, including single workshops and programs including executive coaching, 360-feedback and tailored leadership training. Reach out to talk about your tailored needs